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MOC of The Month

Member: Justin

The year is 2049 and Earth’s resources have been very nearly exhausted because of over population and mankind’s neglect of our precious planet. As a result, the race is now on to locate and investigate planets within our reach to determine if they are near-habitable, as research into ecological life support system technology has made little progress.

The Off-World Colonisation Coalition is an intergovernmental organisation that was tasked tofind an alternative planet (or planets) by combining resources, scientists and technologies to expedite this critical mission. Once the Remote Probe Team have analysed the data of the planet’s atmosphere the Assessment Team is deployed to establish a base location and initiate their work.

Justin was inspired to create his fantastic MOC to make good use of the microfigures that came with the LEGO Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set.

It was built on a 48x48 baseplate, initially building the waterfall and cliff face. The cliff face was reworked as he created the small buildings using orange parts to create a bold effect.

Justin sourced a number of interesting parts including the blades / spikes to create the tree line on the top right, as well as green cattle horns, beehives and green Joker minifigure hair to create unusual flora and fauna.

An unusual and interesting build, we're sure you'll agree. Thank you to Justin for submitting his creation.


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