Ann Khan

Name: Ann Khan

Nickname: Don’t really have one unless you count “Mad Minifig Lady”

Position: Chair (or mad person)

Favourite LEGO® Theme: Has to be Minifigs ?

What got you into/back into LEGO®:

Have always liked LEGO® and used to use it in educational set ups for many years, but really got into it when I bought a LEGO® scavenger hunt game for my eldest and then met my now partner on BrickLink.


Have spent the past 17+ years running a LEGO® business and displaying our collection of figs at many many shows across the country. We also contributed to several DK books as well as various LEGO® magazines.

Why do you like being a member of Brick Central:

Love being able to socialise with other like minded people and chatting about all things LEGO®, even though…..shock horror…. I am not a builder, I still love to get involved with the LEGO® community and watch all our enjoyment and the enjoyment we can give to the public at shows.