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Temple of Quiet Contemplation Hero

Temple of Quiet Contemplation

Every build starts with a moment of inspiration, and for this magnificant temple, it was…

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LEGO USS Enterprise1

LEGO USS Enterprise

LEGO® and Star Trek® are both passions of mine, and combining the two has become…

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Emergency Services

I have always had a special affinity for the emergency services since my father was…

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Space Station Alpha, Hanger 03

This Space Station was built in 2 weeks for a 2 week build off competition.…

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Micropolis build

I started on a Micropolis build as I’d been building a minifig scale town layout…

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Star Bug – Red Dwarf

The beautiful green Star Bug from everyones favourite Sci-Fi Comedy show Red Dwarf. Loving crafted…

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Off-World Colonisation Coalition

The year is 2049 and Earth’s resources have been very nearly exhausted because of over…

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