Liberty Bricks LUGFest !

Liberty Bricks LUGFest !

Liberty Bricks LUGFest ! 2456 5274 Daniel Perry

This weekend saw Brick Central’s third LEGO event this year, a two day LUGFest ! It really was a jam packed weekend with some incredible builds on display and plenty of fun and games for AFOL’s and all the family.

The Saturday night saw a BBQ and quiz take place, and we enjoyed having a few lemonades with our friends from Brick Central and Sheffield LUG too.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend making it the perfect weekend away for all things LEGO. Members that attended from Brick Central and SLUG would like to say a massive thank you to Dean and all his family for putting on such a great event.

All members commented on what a great show it was and how nice it was to be able to spend time together relaxing with great friends. We look forward to Liberty Bricks 2019 !