Name:  Mike Freeman

Nickname:  Batman

Position: LEGO® Ambassador

Favourite LEGO® Theme:  Anything Superheroes

Favourite MOC:

My favourite MOC has to be my first ever Blocks Magazine feature build – The Bat-Sub. This was based upon the LEGO® Ideas Yellow Submarine set, but totally rebuilt to suit Batman’s specific requirements. This build also includes one of the many ways I have interpreted water within my MOCs.

What got you into/back into LEGO®:

I had all kinds of LEGO® as a boy, from Space to Paradisa to Model Team. I have always had LEGO®, however I got serious about collecting and MOC building when I gave up full time work to raise my son in 2009. I had far more time and brain capacity to myself again, and LEGO® helped me stay sane throughout that period.


I have displayed some of my set collection and MOCs at many LEGO® shows throughout the UK. I am a regular contributor to Blocks Magazine. I have been credited in 2 LEGO® based books, and build a huge variety of commissioned LEGO® models for a whole host of clients.

Why do you like being a member of Brick Central:

Brick Central is an amazing group of people from all walks of life, bonded by a passion for the humble building brick. Everyone is willing to help out other members in need, from giving the simplest piece of advice to collaboratively building MOCs together. In one word… sharing!