Space Station Alpha, Hanger 03

by Toni Lynam

This Space Station was built in 2 weeks for a 2 week build off competition. I took a week’s holiday off work to work on it!  The inspiration was the LEGO® space book: I incorporated lots of lights, and spinning fans.

The build wasn’t designed to be taken apart, so it has ventured out to a show… which is a shame as I think it worked out way better than I had imagined. I might revisit the hanger idea in the future, and make it modular as a cool background for other MOCs, like the Space Police 2 ship I’m currently working on.

I like building in sci fi as you can do whatever you like, for example, ships, but also a lot of mechs and robots, but also love motor racing and guitar. I’m also planning on making a Porsche 956 as a side project, just to do something a bit different.

I work as a veterinary nurse, and have a 3 legged cat called Tigger who likes to get in the way of building lol.