Temple of Quiet Contemplation

by Nick Tyler
Temple of Quiet Contemplation Hero

Every build starts with a moment of inspiration, and for this magnificant temple, it was gold, gold and more gold!

It all developed from the gates and the gateway; exploring gleebling techniques (using small parts to create a detailed and interesting apperarence), in a very minimal colour palette, including sand green from the Monster Fighters theme, so that texture becomes the defining characteristic. Built over the course of lockdown, with quite a bit of tinkering, the result is intriguing and can be seen on display in the Birmingham store until approximately mid September 2020.

In order to fit the display cabinet dimensions, the model required a slight modification to its height, but builder Nick typically designs his modulars to this approximate scale on a 36x stud base. There is a fully tiled floor inside the octagonal temple wherein lies a shrine to a Barracuda Guardian figure, which made its debut in the Atlantis sets from 2011.

Nick’s preferred style is to build interesting shapes and textures: the foliage was made using three pronged stems and seaweed pieces with the green foliage fairly loosely arranged.

This is Nick’s first ever display piece and we at Brick Central think he’s done a great job representing the LUG!

You can read a lot more about this build in Nick’s blog.