UK RLUG Build Challenge: Our representative!

UK RLUG Build Challenge: Our representative!

UK RLUG Build Challenge: Our representative! 536 536 Alex Mitchell

Brickish have put together a national Build Challenge for RLUGs. This is not a competition, just a chance to showcase the incredible MOCs that each LUG can create.

Last week we asked for nominations to find the Brick Central LUG representative for the RLUG Build Challenge. Names were drawn randomly and we have pleasure in announcing that Hugo Lebrun was selected!

Hugo has now received 100 Star Wars foil packs to use those parts to create something as spectacular as possible! The polybags weren’t 100 of the same bag, more like ten batches of ten to add a little variety into the part pallet. The parts are generally small so it will make the building very challenging, but of course that’s part of the fun. Everyone from all the different participating LUGS will receive the same 100 packs and it should be around 3000 parts. There is no theme, but at least half of the parts have to be used, and only the parts provided can be used.

All builds must be finished by the end of June. Once built, high quality photos of the builds and the build processes may be shared publicly by all LUGs.
We have lots of super-talented MOC builders, so to make selecting our rep as fair as possible, we’ll stick names in a hat. But we don’t have long at all!
Hugo will start the process of creating something epic from them by the end of June. Good luck Hugo, and please keep us updated with your progress.